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Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram – there are countless ways to reach your customers and their friends. But more than just posting there is an opportunity to reach even more potential customers through these channels. We set up and optimize all social channels and then post regularly through the month. With your budget in mind, we will use a combination of ads and boosted posts to reach the largest audience possible.

Set-up Fee: $300
Monthly Maintenance: $200

Google Ads & SEO

An online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users.  You set the budget for your campaigns and we maximize their impact. We are happy to offer suggestions to reach your target but what you spend on ads is always up to you. As part of your Google Ads campaign, we optimize your site to raise your search engine results organically as well.

Set-up Fee: $500
Monthly Maintenance: $300

Site Optimization

Looking to have your site optimized? We offer a one time service of optimizing your site. We go through your entire site and revamp your SEO. Adding all the necessary keywords, titles, descriptions and tags to ensure your site will perform at its best.

One time fee: $500

Website Design

Representing your business and products in the best way possible is important. We have over 20 years of experience in design and execution of websites. We listen to your ideas, share our own and research the best sites in your market to give you everything you ever wanted in a website.

Cost proposed on an individual basis depending on the needs of your site.

WooCommerce Storefront

Generate more product sales with an integrated storefront on your website. We will build and configure your WooCommerce shop in your WordPress site, all you’ll need to do is fulfill the orders. Ask about our product photography services.

Setup: $350 for up to 10 products
Additional products and updates are done on an hourly basis at $70/hour

Digital Form Design

Looking to digitize your business? Tired of the paper forms for customers? We can convert your forms to be used digitally from a computer, phone or tablet. All forms will populate into spreadsheets giving you valuable customer information in a digital format.

Billed at $70/hour

Website Chat Interface

Looking for a way to connect with potential customers while they are on your site? Chat applications allow customers to contact you immediately when they need your services. It also allows you to reach out to someone looking at your site in real time.

Billed at $70/hour

Website Translator

Make your site available in more than 100 languages so customers can read everything in the language of their choosing.

Billed at $70/hour

Additional Services

Looking for something else for your web presence not mentioned here? Contact us. We would be happy to help.



Meet David and Liz – the D and L of DNLWEB. Our goal when we entered this business over 20 years ago was to help our clients expand their customer base through digital marketing. A lot has changed in those 20 years but when you love what you do changing and evolving to meet the market comes easy.

We are “Google Certified” which means we take our commitment to our customers very seriously. We will listen to your goals, evaluate your market and build a customized plan with you. Ultimately we’re successful when you’re successful.

You work every day to stay on top of the latest developments and technologies in your industry because that’s how you continue to delight your customers. Our industry is no different and we’re doing the same thing you are, making sure we stay on the leading edge of digital marketing. Let us bring that expertise to your digital marketing so you can continue to put your heart and soul into your business.

We aim to see our customers achieve their marketing goals and build a long-lasting relationship with us.

Are you ready to get started?


Review by Melissa M.

I was a Yellow Page advertiser for many many years and it has always worked for me. But the world changed and it was so noticeable in my business. A friend recommended DNLWEB and I’ll admit I just didn’t think it would make a difference but I was wrong. So wrong. It was all so foreign to me but they made it easy to understand and changed my business. I couldn’t believe the change. I am so thankful for their advice and knowledge and really working with me to make this change.

Review by Mark P.

I tried to figure all this SEO and AdWords and social stuff on my own but I have a business to run. It just isn’t in my wheelhouse. I started talking to companies but I was just hearing more of what I didn’t understand until I spoke with Liz and David. They explained how everything worked in a way I totally understood. And they understand I have a budget. It has been such a great relationship with awesome results. So happy I found DNLWEB.

Review by Kris S.

David & Liz are the best. We tried so many different digital marketing companies but never felt like anyone was working to help us. And our feelings were back up by poor results and empty pockets. We had almost given up when we found them. Now our site is busy with qualified customers and our money is well spent.

Review by Margaret Y.

I just have to say THANK YOU. I had really grown to distrust this type of service because I felt like I was paying so much and seeing no results. That just isn’t the case with DNLWEB. You guys have been great and we have seen such a difference in business. And I have learned I can trust your advice because it has been solid and never to just try and get me to spend more. So glad I found you all.